Here at Bowen's we have a number of different Service Packages to suit your Vehicle needs!

There is a myth that if you have a Brand New Vehicle you have to have it Serviced by the Main Dealer to keep the validation of your Manufacturer's Warranty but this simply isn't the case.

We are a VAT registered Garage so we can Service your Car and Stamp the Service Book just as the Main Dealer would do and as long as we use Parts which are comparable to the ones that the Main Dealer use your Warranty will still be valid!

Below is a price list for the varying types of Service we offer, all the prices include VAT and Labour:

Standard Cars & MPV's

  • Oil & Filter Change - £95
  • Interim Service - £130
  • Engine Service - £140
  • Full Service - £225

4X4's & Vans

  • Oil & Filter Change - £105
  • Intrim Service - £130
  • Engine Service - £155
  • Full Service - £280

MOT Price - £40

Air Conditioning Re-Gas from £50 + VAT

Winter Check - £25

Brake Fluid Change - £36

Tracking Check & Adjust - £36

We also offer FREE Tyre Pressure checks and we can usually replace Bulbs on the spot without the need of an appointment.

Along with this we can do Brakes, Tyres, Cambelts, Clutches etc etc so for any enquiries on the Services we provide or to make a booking please call our Workshop number which is 01989 567435 and speak to one of our Friendly Team all of whom are there to try and assist you in the best way they can!

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